svn: deleting directory gives unhelpful read-only warning

Whenever I delete a Subversion controlled directory, idea-3429 shows me a read-only warning:

Directory /foo contains read-only file(s). Delete it anyway?

where /foo is the absolute path to the directory I asked IDEA to delete.

Even adding and committing an empty directory and then immediately deleting it, I get the same warning. In this case, the directory only contains a .svn directory, which does contain a read-only file, but it was generated automatically by IDEA. My General Options -> Ignore files and folders includes .svn:


Furthermore, IDEA doesn't actually delete the directory nor the .svn subdirectory and its files until I commit. So I don't see any problem or need for the warning in this case. How can I limit this warning to non-.svn cases that might actually need my attention?


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Yeah that's been there for a while, it's an idea plugin issue not
javasvn. Pain in the butt, but it doesn't break anything.



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