generated build.xml has bad javac executable for j2me

I generated a multiple-file ant build with idea-3425 for a single J2ME module project, with the "Use JSDK definitions from project files" option. The module's target JDK is the project JDK, Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.2. Building works in IDEA, but fails in IDEA's Ant because javac is not found.

The module's generated Ant xml contains a javac with an attribute executable="${module.jdk.home.hellomidlet}/bin/javac", which is evaluating to the WTK2.2 directory, but there is no javac under WTK2.2. IDEA's configuration for that "JDK" contains a JavaSdk setting to another JDK, "1.4" (1.4.2_08), but Ant does not use the 1.4 directory.

The module.jdk.home.hellomidlet property is defined as the value of project.jdk.home, which IDEA's editor says it cannot resolve. I don't see it defined in any of the generated file, nor in IDEA's Ant Build Properties, so I don't know where it's coming from. It stays WTK2.2 even when I change IDEA's Ant Build Execution's "Run under JDK" from the Project JDK (J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.2) to 1.4. I'm using the Ant 1.6.5 that came with IDEA.

How should I do this? Have I configured something wrong? Also, I'm worried that I don't see any preverify tasks in the generated Ant files; problem for J2ME?


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