Is EAP over?


I've used IDEA for several years now, but when I switched companies, I didn't have a license anymore. Sadly, I've been using the EAP program to keep developing in IDEA until I could convince my new company to get me a license. However, I can't get into IDEA, as of this morning... and I read that the Aurora program isn't active now that 4.0 is out.

So... my question is... Am I out of luck? Is there no more Aurora or eval process? Do I have to go back to JBuilder?



Jens Schumann a écrit :

So what your are saying is that the average JetBrains developer can't buy lunch until the EAP is over? I always knew it is pretty strange to work in Russia. But hey, not paying your employees is something which doesn't work elsewhere;)

But maybe JetBrains got some money to pay the employees, and when they
have no more money the choice is :
1. try to sell some Idea licences
2. buy a new color printer to make their own money (:


yup, I paid for it too - I actually spent the whole ball
of wax last year and just renewed to get my 4.0 today for $199. I consider it an investment in myself. I can't tell you how much time the refactoring has saved me. The
alternative is a) spend days doing it manually - which I don't want to do - which means b) I'm behind on the next
project and have to deal with that pressure. Ideal frees me from the grunt work I hate doing and makes me more productive for the hard stuff which in turn takes some of
the stress out of deadlines. I figure, I work hard, I'm worth it (and gosh darn it, people like me!).


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