Idea 7.0.2 - Glassfish integration problems

We have been waiting so long (Since idea 6.0.x) for the glassfish support in idea to become usable, but it still has many problems.

Using glassfish v2, on windows or mac we still can not locally debug our application. The debugger does not stop at break points and when I hit the stop button, after a few seconds I get "Unable to open debugger port:" error. Even worse, in windows I can not make my application deploy on the server in run mode too.(Not debug mode).

Debugging is enabled on glassfish and the port number matches the run configuration.

Remote debugging works but it has it's own problems. We are building our projects using maven2 and somehow, the deployed classes don't match the source code that is viewed in idea. Debugger says that there is no executable code at the break point line or behave very strange.

One major issue is the lack of exploded directory deployment support for glassfish. Having to redeploy the application after changing a few lines of code in a jsp is a huge waste of time for developers.

Please don't make us wait for a 8.x release for these issues to be resolved. We upgraded to 7.0.x licenses hoping that glassfish integration problems would disappear. I don't think that making an exploded directory that glassfish will support and syncing that directory when making the project is too hard for jetbrains developers.

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Hmmm. This works for me. I also use the exploded directory support for quick deploy of JSP changes. It even stops at JSP break points. The only thing I did was change the GF config file to enable debugging. Have you done this?

<!-- original line in domains/domain1/config/domain.xml
<java-config classpath-suffix="" debug-enabled="false" debug-options="-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=9009" env-classpath-ignored="true" java-home="${com.sun.aas.javaRoot}" javac-options="-g" rmic-options="-iiop -poa -alwaysgenerate -keepgenerated -g" system-classpath="">
<java-config classpath-suffix="" debug-enabled="true" debug-options="-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=n,suspend=y,address=9009" env-classpath-ignored="true" java-home="${com.sun.aas.javaRoot}" javac-options="-g" rmic-options="-iiop -poa -alwaysgenerate -keepgenerated -g" system-classpath="">

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I think you are deploying a web application, but what I am trying to do is deploying an ear, I think the structure of exploded directory that idea produces is not what glassfish is expecting.

I have the exact same settings with you but idea can not deploy the application on the server whether it is an ear file or an exploded directory. Maybe it has something to do with maven support, since I suspect that idea doesn't produce the same ear file with maven. (The maven artifact deploys without a problem)

Can you please provide a sample war or ear project that works for you?

Thank you.

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IntelliJ produces the equivalent war as Maven. Maven adds a META-INF directory with a bunch of junk, but that has nothing to do with the web application itself.


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