Control over format of getter/setter generation

I'm wondering if there is a way to control the format that is used when IDEA generates getter/setter pairs for me. For example, if I'm generating getter/setter pairs for two members (foo and bar), I'd like it to look like this:

public void setFoo(Foo foo) { = foo; }
public Foo getFoo() { return; }

public void setBar(Bar bar) { = bar; }
public Bar getBar() { return; }

So basically, one method == one line, and no space between the getter/setter pair, but a line between each pair. Right now, it generates each getter/setter over three lines and with white space between each method.

Is there a way I can control this currently? Or do I need to log a feature request for a mechanism to do this. Thanks,


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People have asked for this capability for a long time...

It still find it very strange that such an advanced IDE uses hard-coded templates for this.

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there are all kinds of options for when IntelliJ puts newlines into code. They are in the Global Code Settings .. alignments and Braces.. there's a checkbox there that says "simple methods in one line".... that might do it for you...

You have to poke around a little in the settings Global Code Settings dialog box.. there's a lot there under different tabs...

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Thanks, I was looking for that.


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