Tomcat 5.5 reload question

Hi all,

I've got a small question about IntelliJ and Tomcat (5.5). Is it possible to instantly see the changes I made to my JSP's (and preferably class files) when starting Tomcat from within IntelliJ (Run -> Edit Configurations -> Tomcat Server), without restarting Tomcat?

Thanks, Erik


Sure. Right-click on the JSP you just changed and select "Package file". This will deploy the individual JSP.


Is there anyway to make this automatic anytime I change "static" resources like js, css, and/jsp files? Having to restart the server anytime I make incremental changes to these resources is too time consuming and having to manually hit "package file" is painful as well since its easy to forget.


I agree, but so far, I haven't found a proper solution for this. I usually redeploy my application a couple of times (untill I get an OutOfMemory execption, due to some Tomcat bugs). This is far from ideal ofcourse, but I haven't found a better way yet.


I usually just hit "Make project" (Ctrl+F9), this will copy any changes to the deploy path, but you need to make sure you turn off deploy changes to server in the settings, otherwise it will redeploy the app every time. This is not necessary for JSP changes, however if you modify a java class or XML file, you'll need to click the redeploy button, still better than restarting the server, and I have had the OutOfMemory error enough times ... can't win them all.

I find it also a lot faster if you disable the Jasper validator.


Where do I find the "turn off the deploy changes to server" in the settings? This is for Idea 5.0 version.


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