PhpStorm extremely slow on large source files

Hi guys,

I'm currently evaluating PhpStorm for my daily coding work and I'm totally stunned about it's features and speed (coming from Aptana/Eclipse/Zend Studio).

But there is one really big issue that blurs my oppionion on PhpStorm's speed: Every time I open/edit larger PHP files (i.e. 10K lines of code) PhpStorm becomes more slow than a sloth. I've to wait up to 60 seconds after changing a single character in one of these bigger files.

I've this experience on two machines:

Both have the same software basis: PhpStorm 1.01, Ubuntu 10.4 x64, Sun JRE 6 (6.20dlj-1ubuntu3)

Machine 1 is a Core i7 920, 12GB RAM, machine 2 is AMD Phenom X4 965, 4GB RAM

Configuration has not been changed - I'm experiencing this using out of the box configuration.

Interesting fact: CPU usage and IO wait keep as low as using smaller files - there is nothing suspicious.

What can I do to get more performance on editing larger files?


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