Any way to stop the current project from loading at Startup

I use Idea with several projects which take a significant time to load. When I start IDEA I frequently see it loading one of several projects I had open when it was last shutdown but not the one I want to see - any way to cancel a project load?


Settings (Ctrl + Alt + S), General, uncheck "Reopen last project on startup" (upper left)


I understand how to stop the project from EVER opening - that is not the question. 80% of the time opening the last project is what I want to do. 20% of the time I can see that I want to open a different project and want to abort the load which has started modally.


There was talk of a button to cancel the opening of a project. I think I remember seeing it during the EAP for 6, but I don't think that exists right now.


Any chance of implementing this effect by starting idea.exe with the CTRL key pressed (or something similar)?



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