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I've noticed it's way too slower than previous version no matter how many gigs memory you have allocated to Idea, new features are good but I hate the guy sitting in the extreme right hand side down the corner. we have more then 4200 in total including jsps and .java files, Now for every single jsp I need to tell this guy to turn off the HTML or CSS syntax inspection or any other level of inspection that I do not need for some file types, I've not been able to find a global way to do this for all jsps files.

There are new insupection features in 6.0 but still I have to lower the syntax highlighting at individual Jsp level. I could not find global settings to do this.

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What kind of hardware configuration do you have? How much memory have you allocated to IJ. Did you disable virus scanning of the intelliJ home folder, project folder and the IJ program folder?


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