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I am trying to standardize some of development environment for all my developers. Our IDE is IDEA so thats the easy one, i am looking to see what is the main OS, db of choice for most of the developers, if you guys can share some of your environments, that would really help us decide.

We deploy our application mostly on server platforms (Windows 2003, Linux SUSE 9/10, etc) and with Enterprise RDMSs (MSSQL 2000, Oracle 9i\10g, IBM DB2). Also the Application server are all possible J2EE app servers but Tomcat works fine for all development environment.

The main question is does each developer need to have server platform for development?

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Generally, all of our developers have their own server. It becomes chaos when you have several developers trying to share a server. The server is always being restarted or the application is being reloaded.

At my current workplace, most of the developers are on SLED. The job before that saw almost all developers working on Windows. I don't see any difference other than maybe adding cygwin so that Windows can use / instead of \.

The one recommendation I have is to make sure that the configurations for projects are handled within the project and not with the server configuration. My current workplace has their configuration in the server and it significantly increases the time it takes for a developer to get a new project going. It also makes it very time consuming to change versions or vendors for application servers.


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