Adding new library to project

I am trying the evaluation version of IDEA, and let me tell you that Like it very much.
But I have a problem:
I have a project that was created in Netbeans that has a gui -> org.jdesktop.layout.GroupLayout

But IDEA doesn't recognize it!!!
How to add it???
Thanks in advanced!!

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Download swing-layout-1.0.jar at .

Go to Settings | Project Structure, choose your module, open Dependencies tab, press Add button, choose 1. Module Library, add swing-layout-1.0.jar file.

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After struggling a bit with the new UI in 6.X I see how to do this but is there an easier way? If you are setting up a project and are adding half a dozen jars / classpaths this is super annoying.

Is there a shorter way to get to this screen? It's really killing me that you have to click so many times.

This is a key feature and is practically buried now. Is there a way to set up a keyboard shortcut to get here?

Overall I love IDEA, but this is my #1 annoyance.



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