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Can IDEA support the subclipse:tags subversion property? The main change to the UI would be a tag (and branch?) column on IDEA's Subversion file (and dir?) history window, like on its CVS file history window. Or is there a better way?

I just started playing with Subclipse and found this nice feature, Team > Configure Branches/Tags, that displays a cross-reference of tags on the resource history of anything in a given subtree. It seems to do this by creating a subclipse:tags property on the root of the subtree, containing the tag names and revision numbers. On the resource history of anything in the subtree, for the revision number most recently before each tag's revision number, it displays that tag's name. This needs to be configured manually within Subclipse the first time and for tags made by other svn clients, but after that Subclipse will automatically prompt for it whenever making a tag of that subtree using Subclipse. It's much easier to see the tags cross-reference on the resource history than to browse that file in the tag repository.

I know this property is not a standard Subversion thing, but my employer may use it, so it'd be nice if I didn't need to switch to Eclipse to make a tag.


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There is a good description of the feature here:



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