Bird's eye view of a PHP development setup

Since I want to make a full swing from an ancient platform to open source platforms and developing on them, it can be said I know absolutely nothing about anything to do with Apache, PHP, etc. This has proven a major headache for me because for how much I try I cannot get a development environment set up. There is so much advise in editing setup files like php.ini httpd.conf that are incomplete and full of jargon that a novice developer hasn't got a clue about and before he knows it has screwed up his machine.
It is simple all say, set up a LAMP, WAMP or MAMP choose an IDE and there you go! Not so because then these IDEs start complaining about stuff that hasn't been set up, missing this, missing that. I may not be the brightest of minds because I have now spend several days searching in settings and the like and I am still unable to produce a "Hello world".
Does anyone know of a clear diagram that shows ALL elements required for a solid PHP development environment with GitHub involved, one that would be able to show a novice what elements are required? Without jargon and lumps of text please, because that's for later.

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Hey cool, I can use the same answer twice in one day
:).  I just answered a very similar question to this a few minutes ago...

Here you go:

Here is my guide to get a full debugging environment setup with
* ubuntu server 10.04
*'s control panel
* xdebug
* phpstorm

Then how I set it up for developing with a project on that server:
"Setting up PHPStorm for Jamroom Development"

Its a long guide but you will have a full environment at the end.  The variations would need to be made to it if your server was not a separate pc (mine is, connected via a router.).  If you didn't have a separate pc to use as a server, you could use 'virtualbox' to set it up too, or other configuration.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the setup guide, gone through it and it seems like its touching on the problem I encountered, I'll let you know next week how I got on implementing them.



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