Is there a way to search variables while debugging

When I'm at a breakpoint is there anyway to search my variable pane for an array key or value name?  Or for a variable name or value?

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.03.23 PM.png

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Hi there,

value name

What is that?

In any case -- you CAN search by variable name / array key / object field .. but not the value.

To search -- just focus that panel and start typing any letters (it searches anywhere in the name, not necessary from beginning of the name). It will not "narrow" the list (will not hide not-matching entries) and it will stop/focus at first possible match.

But keep in mind -- it searches in visible / expanded branches only -- it will not find an entry if parent entry is currently collapsed (e.g. from your screenshot -- if you have a key/field in "$this->version['something']" and you searching for "something" it will not find it, as "version" is currently collapsed and therefore  sub-entries are not available during such search).

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Search doesn't work correctly.

You can start typing to search, and it says "search for <your string>" and will find the first kinda-matching thing.

(Don't press return else it just opens the variable your cursor is currently under.)

It'll fuzzy-find the first occurrence of some part of your search term and give the 1st one that kind-of matches - even if one *exactly* matches later. And there seems to be no "goto next match" that I can find.

So search is pretty much worthless unless what you are looking for happens to be the 1st match it finds (with it's not-exact find)

You have to click the variable under the previous (1st) match - and delete the last search char and add it again to match next - very hacky.


There has to be a better search. Am I missing something?

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Sorry .. it's hard to talk without screenshots (better -- screencast) that would illustrate issue in details (there may be some nuances etc).

But in general:

1) Search works -- just start typing (it uses fuzzy search -- similar to what is used in "Navigate | Class/File")

2) It's the same search as in other places (Project View panel; Structure panel; Registry window etc)

3) It will search on already opened nodes only

4) Use standard Arrow Up / Arrow Down keys to navigate to previous/next matching element

5) There is no other search, at least for this tool window.

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If you (intellij) could modify Phpstorm search to search the whole memory tree hierarchy then there would not be a need to expand all the variables in the variables window just so we can search them.   (see cross reference & related issue: )

It is very often the case that PHP uses massively nested arrays and so that requires us developers to have to dig deep into them and to have to manually expand them all just so we can search them is impractical.

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We already have a related request submitted to our tracker here: <>. Please vote for it (thumb up button) in order to move it up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the issue. See more information on working with tracker at <>.


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