phpstorm and GIT

I have installed phpstorm 5.0.2 and Git for Windows 1.7.11.
So in Git Bash everything works OK with my URL, I can get the project from a remote source,
but in phpstorm it does not work, although I edited settings and wrote there "C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe".
When I try to test/clone the same URL in phpstorm it is testing/cloning infinitely...
BTW it worked OK with old versions 4.
Could you, please, help to find what's wrong?

Thank you!

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What protocol is used in URL? Please contact support with idea.log: Help | Reveal Log in ...

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It uses https.
Perhaps I should enter login and password somewhere as I do in Git Bash. But I am not asked during cloning...

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Please send idea.log and .gitconfig to


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