Setup instructions are not working for me

I am tryng this product out on a trail evaluation.  I wanted to like this IDE as it has so many great reviews.  So far, I find it very frustraing to setup.

I am running on Snow Leopard, using localhost.  I have xdebug installed as I can use it fine with other IDEs.

I have tried walking through the pages found on:

Several useful links about Xdebug and PhpStorm:

I did get it to actually run sorta of once, but I have NO IDEA what I did to get it sorta working that one time.

Three things that are glaring issues:

1) Not stopping on any breakpoints, just rendering the page as though I had only asked to display in the browser.  I hit the little listening icon, I get a "connected" in the variable window of the IDE, but nothing but the Console spitting out "Error in parsing value for 'filter'.  Declaration dropped." over and over.
2) (When it seemed to work this one time) It's debugging all this JavaScript stuff ?  What if I just want to debug a simple PHP environment?
3) In the http://blogs.jetbrains.com/webide/2011/03/configure-php-debugging-in-phpstorm-2-0/ walkthrough, not all the modes exist in version 3.x of this IDE, and it's "fuzzy" still how the modes work and in what use cases.

Other IDEs seem a lot easier to setup so far.

It seems a straight forward "getting started exists for this IDE", or, it's that something everyone is missing is just not being made clear.  Need a very straightforward setup walkthrough for a local environment maybe?  I donno....

Again, I WANT to like this IDE but I am really frustrated so far.  I hope I have given enough clues to pinpoint where my frustration lies, and you will be able to spot this right off.




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