WebStorm not saving added files to SVN

Hey All,
I am using WebStorm with SVN for my VCS and when I add a file to the project via the Windows Explorer, like a new image file, the IDE sees the file but does not add it to the SVN commit unless I manually add it to VCS by going to the Subversion popup menu on the item and selecting Add.

Is there a way to have it automatically pick up those files to be added to SVN?

Without that option, the SVN connection is pretty much worthless as it would be too easy to have files not make it to the repository.


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You should use Changes | Local panel to review and add unversioned files that were added to the project externally.

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No, we don't want all files detected under your project to be automatically added to VCS,
though it might be useful to create some warnings (like "there are new unversioned files under your src folder").
We consider the latter to be done


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