PhpStorm3.0: can't reopen project from network drive (no drive on list)


I've got my Debian server on VirtualBox on my computer. There is a /home/ directory shared via Samba for my Windows, and I have the drive mapped as W: drive. All projects are placed on the drive, and I do not copy them to a local folder - there's no need to, as PhpStorm works smoothly on such configuration.

I've just installed PhpStorm 3.0, I can see my recent projects on my starting screen, but when I click any of them, I get this error:

The project paht W:\Myproject does not exists.
If it is on a removable or network drive, please make sure that the drive is connected.

Yes, the drive is connected, accessible, visible in Explorer. But it is not seen anyway by PhpStorm, even in Open Directory form. And I can't even create new project from existing files located on "Remote server" which is mapped drive...

Why is this still an issue? I understand, that it is suggested, that the files should be cached locally, so IDE has fast access to files. But when there is no issue with the responsiveness and speed or when the user has such a need, to use only shared drive, you should not block such a combination...

Is this intentional or is this just a bug?

Okay. I had to reboot my computer. And now I can see the mapped drive. But why not before? I think this should be investigated somehow...

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It's Windows UAC limitation, see and related issues.
Restarting IDE fixes the problem, it happens only when your run it from installer or as administrator, no need to reboot.


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