Subversion (SVN) Export Changed Files Only

Hi guys,

There is a feature we use quite heavily in TortoiseSVN that I cannot find in PHPStorm. We export only the changed files from one revision to another and then use this in our product upgrade scripts. I have found how to export the whole tree using PHPStorm but not the ability to export only the changed files from one revision to another (or to head).

This is an invaluable feature and if I can find how to do this in PHPStorm I won't need Tortoise anymore.

Also, if it does have this ability I hope it maintains the folder structure with it.

Does anyone know if this feature exists in the IDE and how I access it?

Btw, I did fimd the patch functionality and I could make this work if it wasn't limited to one revision at a time. We have large projects with many developers. When we have a release the revisions between the last one and the current one may be in the hundreds... that's a lot of patches! I'd rather not do it this way anyways. I'd prefer just the files that have changed since last release and the current one so I can make upgrade packages.


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There is no such feature at the moment, feel free to submit a request at


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