StarTeam integration or working with files tree needed


I'm looking for a way to move out from PHPStorm + StarTeam client + external merge tool to single PHPStorm solution, or at least external merge exclusion.

I've found "StarTeam reference" Page in help, but "Starteam integration" is unavailable both in IDE and online help. Also StarTeam doesn't exists under Project Settings->Version Control. And I couldn't found it in plugins list.

Also copying files to and from external source (starteam client folder) is normal for me, but how could I use PHPStorm merge in this case (preferred as external tools in Starteam client)?

PHPStorm version is 2.1.2, StarTeam Client is 5.2.


StarTeam is available in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition only.


No, StarTeam support has been discontinued and is no longer available in IntelliJ IDEA.


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