Update Current Page in Browser


How can I reload the currently open page of my webbrowser (preferably firefox) from the IDE when writing CSS?

What I want to do is: change some values in the css-file - check how it looks in the browser - adjust the values - check again...
... in this manner I accumulate quite a few refreshs per minute, which is tiresome and error-prone with "alt-tab" F5 "alt-tab".
I'm sure there is a better way (since you have a specialized plugin for firefox) - but I cant find it. (Open in Browser obviously doesn't work - it opens the css ;))


It was XRefresh, but something happened to it: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/xrefresh/. Try https://github.com/NV/auto_update_stylesheets, I haven't tried it yet but it looks promising.


Thanks Dimitry, Cool one - didn't know it.

At first sight it works like I thought it should. There is one thing that differs from the normal workflow: I have to actively save the file for the changes to be seen - and in PHPStorm I only have SaveAll...

The other thing I don't know yet is how it affects debugging of Javascript - as it injects code.

But at first glance it is a very useful piece of code. Thanks.



... found the answer: in PHPStorm: configuration->IDE-Settings->Plugins->CSS-X-Fire
Restart PHPStorm -> say yes to "do you want to install the browser plugin"

Now what you change with firebug will be reflected in PHPStorm.
It would be nice to have it also the other way round, since I like to code in PHPStorm: Change something in PHPStorm and the changes are reflected in firebug and thus in the browser view...


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