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I recently transitioned to PHPStorm from Eclipse PDT. Really liking it, in particular the speed - seems better at crunching files than Eclipse which saves a lot of time.

One thing I do not like however is committing new files to SVN. In Eclipse you could click a folder, say the root and choose Commit and it would recusively find all files that need to be committed (if you want).

In PHPStorm you seem to have to tell it about each and every file. If you create a file in PHPstorm it's not soooo bad as you can say you want to add it there and then. But if you copy files in the file system to your project, you have to then go to each one in PHPStorm and add it manually. I find this a bit of a task.

Is there a feature I am missing that lets me just choose the root and commit all new files added since last commit?


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Please try the Changes tab at the bottom, you'll see all your Unversioned files grouped there. Either right click on the Unversioned Files group and selet Add to VCS menu or select some files from the list and do the same.


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