Javascript inspection and OOM


I have a project with many javascript files (mainly libraries) and when i open a single javscript file and scrolls down, syntax coloring stops and it starts a kind of infinite loop that blows up jvm memory and makes the editor unusable.
I don't think it's reproductible because it depends the amount of javascript in the project, so i don't post a bug. For instance, there is prototype, prototype extensions, jquery, jqueryui, and many custom javascript files.. furthermore, all these exist in multiple merged js files (so prototype exists a dozen of times).

I'd like to know if there is a way to limit javascript code analysis in a way i could at least edit a javascript file. I disabled all javascript inspections but it doesn't change this

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You can disable code analysis per file using Hector the Inspector icon in the status bar or globally by enabling Power Save mode.


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