HTML Injection - False Warning

How do I get rid of the "Element Script does have requried attribute type" warning here?

$sPage = preg_replace('(<SCRIPT[\s\S]+?</SCRIPT>)', '', $sPage);


So what am supposed to do in the meantime? Disable all of HTML checking? Why doesn't it give a me a supress option for this?


Yelling on @Dmitry - your fellow PhpStorm EAP user - definitelly won't help in any way.

Anyway, the issue is open. The only workaround available now is - If you're not happy with automatic html injection - disable it.


That's the problem with written text at times, it's easily misinterpreted. I most certainly was not yelling at @Dmitry, I was asking a question AND actually. My hope was that PHPStorm support would respond, not Dmitry, as I know it's not his to answer. Answers like "The only workaround available now is - If you're not happy with automatic html injection - disable it" are what drove us away from Zend Studio. If we disable it, then we reduce the IDE's core effectiveness for us. If we don't, then we are forced to look at each warning and determine if it's valid every single time.

Yes, I am frustrated. The IDE's effectiveness has actually deteoriated signficantly in recent releases. We've had two EAP releases in a row that are completely ususable. Why isn't there a supression for this warning? Why don't have a general supression statement that supresses ALL warnings, at least until this process is stabilized? I'm more then willing to help and to work with you guys, but as I've stated, we're making this a core part of our process and I have concern about our investment in time and money right now, and I don't like havingt that.

That being said, your support responds very quickly, and we do appreciate that. Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can re-write pieces like that quickly and easily so that it doesn't get flagged until it's fixed?


Well, I provide a "workaround" for next EAP
Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 1.19.03 .png
I'll try to get someting more usable later.


I almost forgot, I seriously wasn't yelling and wasn't directing that at you, Dmitriy. Thanks for trying to help.


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