How to update PhpStorm


I am really enjoying using PhpStorm, it's a great product :).  I was wondering how you go about updating the product. Do you just install the update in the same directory as the previous product? I ask this because the last update seemed to be the complete version of the product rather then just a patch and I ended up uninstalling my old version of Phpstorm and installing the new updated version just to be safe.  I note that 1.02 is due to be out sometime soon, and I wanted to ensure that I installed the update correctly.

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For EAPs - you should uninstall old version and install new one. All settings will be saved. Not sure about release versions.

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Basically you need just to install new version into empty folder and run it.
..and then you can uninstall previous one if new one works for you.

Settings are kept in user home folder by default and not deleted by default uninstaller settings.
You may want to back them up however - especially before trying new EAP buids - there may be any incompatible changes.


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