Feature Request: quick file search by name

I absolutely love PhpStorm, it's SUCH an amazing IDE. I've been a Komodo user for many years now, and one thing I appreciate most about PhpStorm is its lightness and performance.

There is one feature of Komodo that is missing, though, that I really come to appreciate: quick file search by name. See attached screenshot from Komodo.

Is there a way to do the same thing in PhpStorm quickly? If not, can you add that same little textbox, please? It's soooo handy :-)


you can do a file search by name with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N


That's AWESOME functionality, I never knew about it! OMG this is the greatest thing since sliced bread :) :) :)

Thanks so much!


Just quick review all *Storm menu items - known many useful thing :)


Try Ctrl+N - search for class and Alt+Ctrl+Shift+N - search for symbol (symbol = variable, function, method, constant, etc. name) in the project.


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