A dark colors & fonts scheme

Does anybody have a nice dark colours and fonts scheme?  I really love the dark theme I had in Zend5.5 and would like to create something similar for PhpStorm.

Current Basic Zend5.5 Dark Theme
My Attempt at a Dark theme for PhpStorm

Cannot seem to get rid of the highlighted background colors on errors though, seems that's not configurable?

If you have a nice dark theme and you know how to share it please post here


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Inspection colors are NOT yet customizable in *Storm http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-656

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I tried to move to dark scheme I tried all schemes from that page. All have some color issues in WebIDE. In my opinion, the LessVibrantInk is the best among them. It has the small number of bugs and very nice colors. But then I came back to WebIDE default with some small customizations like caret line color.

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Thanks Alexey!

I saved a few of those color.xml files into ~/.WebIde10/config/colors/ and restarted WebIDE to get them listed in the settings area.
Settled on a modified 'colorblind' scheme for now.

Looks awesome can't wait to see future updates !

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The ide has some problems when shitching from a color theme to another so after you've switched to another theme and you see that it's not properly showing, you need to restart the ide and you should be ok. I'm using Twilight theme


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