Shortcut to copy file name to clippboard

Does WebIDE have shortcut to copy only file name to clippboard? Ctrl+Shift+C copies filename with path. And I didn't find in default keymap action named 'Copy file name' or similar .


Just use normal-copy - it will insert name if pasted into editor


No, I mean when text editor window is focused, not in project view. In text editor window when I press Ctrl+Shift+C WebIDE copies fufll file path to clipboard. But I wish to copy only file name without full path WITHOUT opening project view(Alt+1, Ctrl+C if autoscroll from source option is checked) or using breadcrumb (Alt-F1, 5, Ctrl+C), just with one hotkey like copy full path works.


Oh, I see. Please file a feature request into tracker.


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