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We are using JRebel with Intellij and working on an Ant-based project with a complicated build structure.    The Ant task that builds the WAR file does a <filter> command to replace configuration file elements with properties pulled from a properties file. 

<copy todir="target/webapp" preservelastmodified="true">
            <fileset dir="webapp" includes="**/*.xml" />
                <filter token="MY-VALUE" value="${}"/>


It works fine when run from command line.  But inside Intellij IDEA, the "Rebuild" or "Make" commands don't know anything about the Ant file filtering so when Intellij rebuilds the WAR, I wind up with configuration files that have embedded placeholders in them instead of the correct values. 

So instead of this:

 <display-name>My Web Site (Version</display-name>

 we get

 <display-name>My Web Site (@FULL-BUILD-NUMBER@)</display-name>

Does anyone have any advice on getting the Intellij/JRebel combination to work with this Ant build under these conditions?


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Artifacts have Pre-processing settings where you can specify Ant task that will do the replacement. You can also configure artifact so that it's built using the properties files processed by Ant.


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