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I've begun using IntelliJ IDEA on daily basis starting with version 12 and since then it was a no brainer to me to always extend license with every year even if I didn't really need one -- it was simply the best tool I have ever used so I wanted to support it. Both version 13 and 14 were only better than the previous one with cool features that were really useful. Unfortunately all of this stopped with version 15:

  1. Version 15.0.3 was just released (almost 3 months after initial release) yet it's still unusable for me
  2. For IJ 12/13/14 I have effectively raised 1 bug, while for IJ15 I'm a regular YouTrack user with 6 bugs raised and still none of them is fixed for IJ15.
  3. One of the most important bugs is broken WebLogic support (IDEA-146945), which is not even planned to be fixed in IJ15 (apparently official "solution" is an attachment in some random YouTrack issue).
  4. While JetBrains heavily advertises keyboard only usage, most notably in presentations by Hadi Hariri (which are awesome btw), it seems JetBrains actually ignores issues which prevent using IJ with keyboard -- issue that affects IJ15 only IDEA-150197, not to mention a long standing issue IDEA-112015 where JetBrains failed to take a stand for over 2 years now.
  5. Every time I try to force myself into using IJ15 I always end up going back to IJ14 just to find out it feels much faster/much more responsive.
  6. After going back to IJ14 I cannot think of any feature that I miss from IJ15, though I find multiple bugs "fixed".

With all the above problems IJ 15.0.3 feels to me like an EAP and what JetBrains makes to improve things? You release IJ16 EAP. From the recent curse of events (new subscription model, rebranding, increased frequency of releases, poor quality) I gathered JetBrains is now mostly focused on improving their financial scores, but please do put improving quality on your agenda. I really want to continue using new versions, I really want to extend my subscription, but I'm worried about direction IJ is heading.

(Not really sure if that's the right place to post my general complaints about product quality but unfortunately I didn't find better one.)

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> One of the most important bugs is broken WebLogic support (IDEA-146945), which is not even planned to be fixed in IJ15 (apparently official "solution" is an attachment in some random YouTrack issue).
I would like to reiterate my point of view here, (the same had been posted to youtrack some time ago).
- it is not a "broken WebLogic support", it is a WebLogic support that does not work for 2 users, and with the "randomly" in the youtrack title. 
- the fix is questionable, and potentially may provide more harm than good, and I am still reluctant to put it into 15.x
The current solution is provided as a local build attached to the subject youtrack (clearly it is not a "random" one). 
The same change had been pushed to master to be tested with IDEA 16 EAPs. 
I understand that many users from enterprise context may perceive this as an un-official fix, but in fact this is how we were dealing with hard-to-reproduce issues with app-servers integrations during at least last 6 years. 
Do you think it would help if we included the references to the patches like this into the release notes? 
Or would it help if we somehow increased the "official-ness" of the fix which we still don't want to include into the official release? 
I can think about something like "knowledge base article" with the attached patch or may be just about big green "Approved Patch" label in the Youtrack -- would it change your acceptance of the fix?


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Is my understanding correct that importance of an issue is determined by number of users who officially acknowledged it? From your experience is this really common for enterprise users to massively switch IDE versions to the latest one? Do you prefer to know about issue early on when it affects least number of users or when disaster happens? Now that an early fix is ready I assume you know what is the root cause and hence can estimate percent of users affected. Is this really negligible? Cause if that's a problem with rare configuration I am happy to align my environment. But again -- it works perfectly fine in IJ14

What I meant by "random" in the ticket description was that issue is not deterministic and believe me I hate to raise issues without confirmed steps to reproduce. The fact is though it "sometimes works" which for me equals "broken" as "sometimes works" is not really useful for any real work.

I'm also prepared to wait for fix and try workarounds, but the only solution I consider "official" is the one included in an actual release. It's been three months since the ticket was created and the only official info states "no fix planned for IJ15". Workaround attached to ticket cannot be considered permanent solution -- what if someone encounters same problem but fails to find relevant ticket or is not even eager to look for one? If the fix is confirmed why isn't it applied?

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Jan, thanks for your feedback and sorry for the issues that affected your productivity.

We escalated this issue to the management level and will decide on further actions within a week.

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Sorry for the delay, it's taking a bit longer than expected. We'll keep you posted.

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Status update: IntelliJ IDEA 16 release is just a couple of weeks away. We have decided to not backport this fix into 15 release as the fix is not safe and the issue is not critical (in terms of the number of users affected, even if it's critical for those who are affected). The fix is already available in 16 EAP builds and you are welcome to try it right now or wait for the official release that will happen very soon.

We are sorry for the issue and for the time it took to resolve.


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