Intellij 14 console not respecting ANSI colors


I have defined color highlighting in my logback appender configuration:

      <pattern>[%thread] %highlight(%-5level) %cyan(%logger{15}) - %msg %n</pattern>

However, logs in IDEA Intellij 14 console are still black and white with ANSI color not escaped:

    [main] [39mDEBUG[0;39m [36mo.o.x.XMLConfigurator[0;39m - Loading configuration from XML Document

How can I fix it?

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ANSI coloring is already supported, but it depends on the run/debug configuration type that you are using. Java Application configuration supports it starting from IntelliJ IDEA 14.

You can also try this third-party plug-in.

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i have the latest intelliJ version. I cannot highlight the logs on the console. I have ANSI highlighter plugin and also Darkula theme selected. I use log4j2 for highlighting. Do you know what might be the conflict?

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Please share the sample project and provide the steps to reproduce it.


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