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I'm new to IntelliJ after being an eclipse user for +10 years. Through working with eclipse I'm used to the behaviour that when I move my mouse over a variable/class/method/constant ... I get a little popup which shows me related information such as api/signature etc.

By migrating to IntelliJ I read that there is a similar feature in place which used to be enabled in the by And in newer versions through settings File | Settings | Editor | General

I followed the instructions regarding this feature and yet it doesn't work as I would expect.

Simple example when I hover over java.util.Objects.isNull I get the following "quick documentation":

Which is not very help full. If I click here on the icon on the upper right corner "Open as Tool Window". The javadoc for the method is show as well as I would have used the shortcut CTRL + P.

I have this issue not only with base java but with any framework even though the javadoc is available.

I'm a bit confused if I simply misunderstand on how the feature works. May you please give advice on this. Thanks in advanced!

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The problem is that your quick documentation popup dialog is resized so that the contents are not visible, only the header of the dialog is visible. There is also no visual indication that this dialog can be resized, which is another usability problem.

Just drag the bottom right corner of the dialog with the mouse to resize it. You need to do it only once and the size of the dialog will be preserved. Hope it helps.

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Thanks a lot Serge! You are right. It had to do with the fact that the dialog was minimized. After I resized it works now.


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