Class.getResource() returns URL of source, not class

We use maven with the usual src/ and target/ directories.  In our code we have the following which is used for things like programmatically mapping our hibernate classes.

    public static File getDirectoryFile(Class<?> classOfResource) {
        URL classResource = classOfResource.getResource("");
        String classDirectory = classResource.getFile();
        return new File(classDirectory);

If classOfResource is 'Foo', I am expecting the resulting path to be target/<.war-name>/<path-to>/Foo(.class).  In fact, that's exactly what is returned when running in Eclipse and Tomcat.   But with IntelliJ the path is returned as src/<path-to>/Foo(.java). Needless to say everything fails after that.

The project was imported from the maven pom.  I tried making sure target/<war-name> is not excluded in the module definition to no avail.

Am I missing something obvious or is IntelliJ doing something weird?


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A small test case project to reproduce this issue would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the response Serge. I have some emergencies to deal with first so I'll get back to you after dealing with those.


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