IDEA 2016.2 is not longer showing project names in open dialogs


Just noticed 2016.2 no longer shows project names (from the iml?) instead its showing the projects parent folder name. We have a number of projects that aren't fully mavenized and to prevent merging headaches we've kept some odd folder names (like Source and Application) The lack of the project name is really confusing can no longer tell which project is what?


In the file, open recent menu option it's even worse, I now just see 'Source' as a project that's not very helpful.

 Also something odd about removed projects in the file menu? seems some of them have been replaced by the full absolute path to the project folder. Some of which are very, very long, which has made the menu take up over half the screen width. But not sure if 2016.1 didn't do the same.


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