Git commit default message / git auto-commit ?


git commit dialog auto-populates the message field with the first message I ever typed in to make a commit. Of course, that message was something like "trying out git for first time". Now I don't seem to be able to stop the dialog auto-populating with that same message. I would rather have it say something more useful, something I might not have to change. Is there anyway to change what is in that field when the dialog first appears?


Is there any way to commit without having to go through the dialog at all? I would like the option to commit as easily as I can ctrl-S, maybe even setit up to do so every 15 seconds or one minuteor whatever is practical. I'll tell you why. I am using it to replace local history, which I was advised should not be relied upon. I want a very granular record of the changes which were made to a file- the kind I was used to having access to via local history. This is a critical part of the way I work and having that level of history is extremely useful.




The last commit message is used by default, you can disable it here:


Automatic commit is not possible, one can implement it in a plug-in.


Thank you Serge. I always appreciate your answers.


>>Automatic commit is not possible, one can implement it in a plug-in.


I would consider this but I am working with Ultimate. I already have some functionality tied up in Community which I basically never use since I actually work using Ultimate. Can I write plugins for Ultimate somehow, using Ultimate features ?


Plugins written for Community will work for Ultimate. Git subsystem is open source and is available in CE.


OK thank you. I will look into it then.


It was getting intolerable until I finally decided to comment on it. Either it should default to the last commit (initial commit makes absolutely no sense, that too from some other branch) or it be blank or default to branch name.

Normal dev standards dictate commit message be similar to branch at the least, so it could be the default default.

Defaulting to init commit has made my life hell coz sometimes I dont check the commit message


Please have them make it more user-friendly with this ?



Just enable the mentioned Clear initial commit message option, and the commit message will be empty on Commit dialog opening.

BTW, it does not default to anything, unless you have Issue tracker integration enabled that pastes the commit message. Instead, it uses the previous commit message.

But if the changelist you are committing has some comment, the comment will be used as a commit message. This logic could lead to some issues indeed - see


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