Default maven run configurations are not set on project



I have configured a few Maven run configurations that I need for all my projects. To do this, I've closed all the projects and went to "Configure -> Project Defaults > Run configurations" in the "Welcome" dialog.

With older versions of IDEA, this used to add those run configs to any new project. I used to go to "import from existing sources", point to a directory that had no iml or other IDEA files in it and let the IDE import the files. The run configurations would appear in the Maven Projects view, under the root maven module.

With IDEA 15.0.4, this doesn't work. I'm not sure when it stopped working, though.

Has anybody experienced this? Should I file a bug?

Thanks for your help :)



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Please try to reproduce it with the default installation of IDEA 16 preview. If the issue persists, please submit a bug.


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