I can see previous post about demanding MongoDB support...

I'm sorry, but we still REALLY need MongoDB support in DataGrip! And also likely other no-sql db, but MongoDB in 1 priority!

I'm also aware about Robomongo, Mongo Management Studio, MongoVUE and so on, actually now I'm using robomongo.. But it's like a using phpPgAdmin for Postgre instead of DataGrip, I think you understood me) 

Can you please consider about planning to develop connector to MongoDB in DataGrip?

Thank you!


Hello Alexander,

We have such request for MongoDB and noSQL support in general, please follow the: . This is definitely in plans, though no certain ETA for now.


It's very good that this already in ticket. I presume that plans realization for this would be not far off)


Any news on this subject? The mentioned ticket has not been updated, is still in "Submitted" state and unassigned.


Hi all,
Finally we are adding support for MongoDB to DataGrip!
You may install DataGrip 2019.3 EAP (early access program) and try out basic MongoDB functionality:

  1. Introspection. You can observe collections and fields in the database explorer
  2. Data viewer. Open any collection, apply filter, sort columns
  3. Query console. Write shell-like queries, select them and run it via Ctr/Cmd+Enter. There is currently no coding assistance and you can execute only limited number of MongoDB functions.


For more details follow


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