navigating tabs in distraction free mode


is there a way to navigate between the tabs in distraction free mode? alt-right left doesn't work

what about to bring up a list of open tabs from within distraction free mode?

basically I'm looking for a way not to exit distraction free mode just to switch tabs

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Did you consider using the more productive ways to navigate between files rather than tabs? Please see

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Nice! Without tabs much better! thanks!

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This is a nice explanation of how you can use idea. Unfortunately it is dissatisfying

When i work with files, i want to have a set of files which matter to the task at hand.

Recently edited files do not completely matter.

I want to control, which files appear in my perimeter of perception. I can do that with tabs by selectively closing them, but i can not do this with recent [edited] files. I can not remove irrelevant files from the list.

Is there something like the switcher which shows only the files, that are really opened in presentation and distractionfree mode?

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> I can not remove irrelevant files from the list.

@7dev70 Actually you can remove them from the list.
On Mac: Cmd+E Opens recent. Then pressing backspace will remove the selected file from the list.
Same happens when you do cmd+e+e. 


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