Array View throws ValueError


Hi, I did a quick search through Google and the forum and found nothing, so here's the thing:

I'm trying to view a numpy array in debug mode in Pycharm 2016.2 (Linux 14.04) and it throws a bunch of errors and ends with something like

"<path>/pycharm-2016.2/helpers/pydev/_pydevd_bundle/", line 470, in array_to_xml value = format % value ValueError: incomplete format

Is there a correct format for the array to be viewed in this window?

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Hi Cristobal Silva! It's known issue, you can follow it in our tracker:

@Elizabeth Shashkova

Is it going to be addressed any time soon? The bug tracker was reported over *3 months* ago with no sign of any fix incoming, and it's a pretty major issue. All multidimensional array views fail. As it is, I've had to revert back to doing some of my work in Matlab because of this issue.



As I can see the issue is fixed long time ago in 2016.2.3

Please update if you are running lower version or provide a code snippet for reproducing if you still face this issue in a newer version of PyCharm.


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