Completion settings about Ruby on IntelliJ IDEA



I want to know about completion settings about Ruby on IntelliJ IDEA.

Can I set "chose with only enter key" for Ruby, cause I'm used to using Golang or PHP with enter key choice in completion?

In case Ruby, below,


sample = "foo"

bar = samp


After typing this, I need to type "down key" and choose variable then type "return key" from completion list, but like Golang, no need to type "down key", but already selected variable and easily type "return key".

How should I do for it like Golang to make my ruby coding easy?

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There is a Registry setting to control this behavior:

Disable this option to make it preselect all the time. See also

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I could found Registry setting ( command + alt + shift + / ) then disabled the behavior and it works as I thought!


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