IDEA 2016.1 Faces plugin looks weird



After installing IDEA 2016.1 I seem to be missing the proper JSF code highlighting and color formatting.  Everything seems to be in black font, which I'm not used to when working inside a JSF xhtml page.  The support (code completion, bean & controller support, ...) seems to be ok.


I don't think it's supposed to be like that.  Or am I wrong?


It sure looks like that issue, although I do see colour coding in Idea 15.1.4.  

Also in 2016.1 the colour coding is there for about half a second, then it turns into the black font.


I switched to Dracula theme and back to 'IntelliJ' theme, now all open files seem to be correctly highlighted.  This is still on version 2016.1.  I'll be trying 2016.1.1.

Issue I saw there was a warning that tells me that I'll be able to use the new version for 30 days.  I did however renew my personal license a month ago.


It's a bug: We are sorry for the problem.

You can upgrade and use the new version, ignore this message.


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