OOM keeps happening in DataGrip


After update to DataGrip 145.404.2 it started eating 100% cpu and logging "Out Of Memory" to console.

I downgraded back to 1.0.3, it went away, but after some time it started appearing in it too. It may be some of the plugins, but I do not know how to catch it.

Please advise - it blocks by work :)

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Hello Darafei,

Please provide memory snapshots when you have high memory usage: make sure that Profiler Agent is enabled (as per: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241235 ). Start memory capturing the snapshot via Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+A and type Capture Memory Snapshot action name. 

In case of high CPU utilization, please also prvide CPU snapshots (Start CPU Usage Profiling action name). 

After you've saved the snapshot, please upload it to our FTP server: ftp://ftp.intellij.net/.uploads/ . Having idea.log would also help. Thank you.

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Hi Andrey,

Maxim sent me a build that has this problem fixed. 

Would be extremely cool if for this kind of problems I had a button "start debug logging" somewhere in Help menu - having a look at these manuals gets me frustrated, I can do this for open source tools where I'll be fixing it if nobody helps but why for commercial software :)


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