Intellij 16 - Creating a jar


I love intellij but the only things that prevents me from moving from eclipse to intellij is the classpath issue  : 

In eclipse I can create a jar file and a lib folder with all the dependency jars, eclipse knows how to edit the file so the classpath for all the jars are there.

Unfortunately, in Intellij  when I go to project stracture->Artifacts->Jar->from module with dependencies->copy to the output directory and link via manifest, and I create a folder called lib and put all the dependency jars there, after building the jar, the manifest file has no classpath at all!

Am I doing something wrong? Is it a known bug that will be fixed some day?

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There is a known bug, see It should work if the jars are placed in the same directory as the artifact.

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wow it is in priority major since 2012 and still not fixed


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