The IDE editor focuses on a java class with compilation problems when run a correct java main class (this main java class was currently opened in the editor when ran it)



Recently I started to prepare myself for OCP 8 certification, and, of course, I created a java 8 project. It contains a lot of simple java classes (the majority of them unrelated) with compilation errors. But this is fine, because it is expected to have some classes with compilation errors.
In order to allow running correct main classes with all these compilation errors I configured the Eclipse java incremental compiler and the default application run configuration with "Make, no error check" before launch. All is fine but, the thing that annoys me is that whenever I run a correct main java class IDEA switch the editor from the running class to one that contains compilation errors.  What can I do to prevent this? I would like the editor not to switch out of the main java class I run? Is this an issue I have to report in youtrack, is there a configuration I have to set up to prevent this?

Thank you in advance for your support.


Antonel Ernest Pazargic


Try to disable the option to show the first compilation error in the editor:


Thank you Serge,


This is what I looked for.


Best regards.


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