Intellij IDEA 2016 slow startup


Hi! I updated Intellij IDEA to version 2016 the moment it was out. I usually have small-medium sized android and java projects.

Startup time in 2016.1 is painfully slow. I have a previous version (15.0.2) installed too and it opens projects a lot quicker than version 2016.

For e.g. i opened a medium sized android project on 2016 and then on 15.0.2, by the time 2016 splash screen showed up 15.0.2 was almost done loading the project (even though i launched it after 2016).I tried this with couple of other small-medium java projects too and the results were same.

VM configurations for both the versions are exactly the same and i am running both on Windows 8.1 64 bit machine.

I usually don't rant if time difference is 3-4 sec, but the in case versions 2016 and 15.0.2, the difference is huge and fairly noticable. 2016 does not feel snappy like its previous versions.

Am i the only one facing the issue?

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