Teradata Support


Has anyone successfully connected to Teradata and been able to see tables in the database viewer?  I'm also getting strange errors related to the sql sent to the database.

Are there any plans for full Teradata support in DataGrip?


Yes,  I am currently using the Teradata v JDBC Drivers (there's probably a newer one out there).

Make sure you add 'tdgssconfig.jar' and 'terajdbc4.jar' in the driver files settings when you create/configure the driver and use 'com.ncr.teradata.TeraDriver' for the class.  Then when you create the Project Data Source specify 'jdbc:teradata://<host>' at the URL prompt.  Unfortunately DataGrip does not have a native SQL Dialect for TeraData SQL.  I just use the generic SQL dialect and I get a lot of warnings for unrecognized Teradata functions and commands.


I forgot to add I usually check specific schema's in the Project Data Sources screen since we have a lot of databases.  I then let DataGrip query the tables and columns for those schemas.  If it fails to grab some of them I just select the tables it missed and tell it to synchronize the table for the ones it missed.  There's probably a better way of doing this.  I'm new to using the tool.

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Great answer. changing to "com.ncr.teradata.TeraDriver" worked for me!


My company uses LDAP to log-in so this unfortunately doesn't work for me.


We use LDAP as well...   Add "LOGMECH=LDAP" to the JDBC URL as a parameter.


I gave it a shot...it did not work for me.  looks like i'm stuck with teradata Studio based on Eclipse!!!!! yay. :(



hi there, it didn't work for me. I got this error message " Incorrect driver and/or connection setting specified.."

Anybody got the answer to fix the error? Thanks heaps!


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