'Identifier under caret' highlighting delay


When I position the cursor on a variable or function it gets highlighted. There is a small delay until the highlighting kicks in (see gif attachment). This behavior is quite unpleasant to me. It creates the impression that the IDE or my machine are struggling. It makes the IDE appear more heavy than it actually is (I guess). Can I somehow decrease the delay to have the highlighting kick in instantaneous?

Please excuse my pickiness, but the 'under caret' highlighting is something IDE users are permanently confronted with. I would not under estimate the value of a flawless behavior for this one or let the users config the way they like.






If I click your link it says I don't have permissions to see the page. Even tough I'm logged in. 

If search youtrack for 19888 manually I can open the page.. Strange.


The issue #19888 was closed and as far as I understand the only solutions to fix the problem are: using the 'Identifier Hilighter' Plugin or 'semi-synchronous' mode.

How do I use 'semi-synchronous' mode? 


https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-19888 has Open state. Here is the comment: If you move the caret from one identifier to another one, there is still a 300 ms delay before the new identifier is highlighted. The request is about removing this delay.


Oh... I landed on this one when I searched manually: 


Hope IDEA-19888 gets fixed. ;-)

Thanks for the info!




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