Hide certain lines/libraries/variables



is there possibility to hide certain lines of code? For example I am logging with winston, but for some critical and/or complex components, there is a lot of code for logging errors, which makes that components less readable.

For me, the best-practice would be to define variable name (i.e. winston), which I will not see in IDE, or it would be collapsed by default or something like that and with some shortcut, I woud like to turn this feature on/off.


Can I do this? Or at least something similar to this?


Very nice, thank you! Now, is there possibility to only collapse/expand the editor-fold parts and/or define editor-fold names to automatically collapse/expand?


You can set custom folding regions to be collapsed by default:


Very nice, thank you!

If anyone else reading this, I would also like to add, that with this option on, if you do CTRL+SHIFT+MINUS and then CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS all the custom foldings will be collapsed, while everything else will be expanded (next CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS will expand them too), which is really something I like. 


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