Find usages of method from remote ejb


I was looking for all the usages of a specific method and noticed that several usages were not accounted for: those calling the method via remote ejb! Is there perhaps a plugin that enables that? I'm currently using version 14 Ultimate.


If the issue persists in the latest version, please submit a bug at and attach a small sample project with the steps to reproduce it. Thank you.


Do you mean to say that is should work?


Yes, IDE should be able to find all the usages.


The thing is that the Remote EJB interface I use is a separate interface which is linked to the implementation only via an annotation on the implementing class: @Remote(MyRemoteInterface.class). This means that looking simply at the type hierarchy one will not see this. Are you sure that IntelliJ understands such annotations and tries to find usages also when linked in this way?


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