Character incompatibility when importing Eclipse project


I just imported my project developed with Eclipse and I noticed my files are encoded with Cp1252, which is the default encoding in this IDE, but IntelliJ uses UTF-8 as default.

What should I do? Do you suggest I change IntelliJ encodig to Cp1252 or should I stick to UTF-8?

If I choose UTF-8, does IntelliJ provide any tool to convert my file encodings from Cp1252 to UTF-8? If not, how should I solve this encoding issue?

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Please see .

Using UTF-8 is recommended. IDE can convert the files, probably not in bulk, you will need to open the files that are needed to be converted and change the encoding.

It may be more convenient to use command line tools (*nix/cygwin users can use iconv for batch convert:


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